Friday (11-October-2019) — New Jersey

Autumn Outdoor Yard Projects.

The DR Field and Brush mower arrived yesterday. The truck driver left the pallet containing the mower at the top of the driveway. Some assembly required. The mower deck is pretty heavy. I moved everything in front of the house. Attached the deck to the power unit, fitted the drive belt, filled the engine with 5W-30 oil, and the filled the gas tank. Once I figured out where the gas shutoff valve was, the motor started right up. One of the reasons I chose this model is I can remove the mower deck and install a snow blower attachment. Once the unit was running, the first task was to burnish the brakes and clutch before taking it back to mow a section of the back yard. I also go the Roto-tiller to work on one of the wildflower meadows for next year. Didn’t get much done as the forward v-belt seems to be loose. Some of these activities were recorded on a Garmin VIRB-360 camera for a Time-lapse video.

Daily Electric Energy Used (53.3 kWh) from Sense and Daily Solar Electric Energy Produced (25.8 kWh) from SolSystems and Locus Energy. Less sun than yesterday.  Overall a net deficit of 27.5 kWh.

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