Thursday (12-September-2019) — New Jersey

Backyard Summertime Nature in New Jersey.

The air-dancer kept the deer out of my kitchen garden wildflower meadow. I did however have an opossum visit my patio and Garden Towers. Unlike the raccoons, I  am a little more tolerant of the opossums because they supposedly eat any ticks that attach themselves to the opossum. It has been eating leaves off my hot pepper plants (leaving the peppers).  It has been a couple of weeks since I last mowed the lawn. Time-lapse video using a Garmin VIRB-360 camera. Video created using Photoshop CC (including the Little Planet view).

Daily Electric Energy Used (51.9 kWh) from Sense and Daily Solar Electric Energy Produced (28.6 kWh) from SolSystems and Locus Energy. Clouds most of the day. Ran a batch of laundry (3.9 kWh) and had to run the Geothermal HVAC system on to cool the house (11.7 kWh). Overall a net deficit of 23.3 kWh.

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