Seven-Years Ago (14-September-2012) — Belgium

Gone to see Europe. Semester at Sea. Fall 2012 Semester Voyage on the MV Explorer. Day 22: Field Trip to Brugge, Belgium.

Street Photograph of Bicycles in Motion in Bruges. There are lots of bicycle riders in Belgium. My goal was to photograph them with the bicycle and rider in focus with the background in motion to give the viewer the impression that the bicycle was moving. You need to focus on the rider and keep moving the camera to keep the subject centered for a long exposure (~ 1/15 sec). In normal daylight even at f/16 the image is overexposed. You can use a filter. On this day the sky was cloudy, and I could just get away with a 1/15 second exposure. I think I had a 1 in 10 success rate for the day to get these 5 images.

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