Two-Years Ago (26-January-2016) — Japan

Gone to See the World. Semester at Sea Spring 2016 Voyage on the MV World Odyssey. Day 21: Hiroshima.

Our local guide in Hiroshima recommended that we try “Okonomiyaki“, a traditional Japanese savory pancake for dinner. We found a restaurant/grill that had room for a dozen of us to sit on stools facing the grill. With a bit of translation, we selected the toppings for each of our creations (pork, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, oysters, octopus, or vegetarian). The very efficient cook made the preparation of the okonomiyaki into a performance. It started with the pancake, followed by chopped cabbage, sprouts, cheese, the selected meat or tofu, noodles, another pancake with fried egg on the top. Finally, some chopped green onions. Everyone’s eyes were wide-open realizing how big a meal each one of the creations had become. When we were eating, the cook  picked up a guitar and did a Elvis serenade for the woman at the far end of the grill.

Individual images from the slide show can be viewed here.