Thursday (11-November-2021) — New Jersey

Autumn Working in the Yard.

Time-lapse videos. The weather forecast for tomorrow was rain, meaning lots of things in the yard needed to be done. 1) First I needed to move the 64 bags of Quikrete into the garage. Red Rover is not able to lift a pallet weighing 3200+ pounds. My initial idea was to build wire storage racks with wheels so I could have flexibility to move the bags around in the garage so I would have space to park my car. So I built on of the wire storage shelving units with 3 inch wheels. Unfortunately, once I loaded 12 bags (600 pounds) onto the rack and tried to move it the wheels snapped off. 2) Next idea was to move the bags onto a pallet in the garage. This meant first reorganizing and covering the bags of fertilizer and Miracle Grow Potting Soil in the backyard to free up three additional pallets. Then moving the remaining Quikrete bags into the garage. 3) Also before it rains, I wanted to brush mow the last section of wildflowers, flowers gone after last several mornings with frost. Followed by using the leaf vacuum to clean up the fallen autumn leaves before they get wet. Since it has been a long time since using the leaf vacuum I forgot not to let the trailer get too full. It was too heavy to dump the leaves and grass clippings into the mulch pile. I ended up needing to use Red Rover to help dump the leaves out of the trailer. ARRG!!!

Daily Electric Energy Used (44.7 kWh) from Sense. Daily Solar Electric Energy Produced (24.3 kWh) from Sense and SolSystems. Mostly sunny. Deficit of 20.4 kWh.