Two-Years Ago (18-October-2018) — Portugal

Gone to See Portugal. Street Photography Workshop with Steve Simon. Day 4: Sintra, Portugal.

Triton. (David J Mathre)
Triton over the Pena Castle Entry. Image taken with a Fuji X-T3 camera and 35 mm f/1.4 lens. (David J Mathre)

Folks taking pictures of the Triton with phones and tablets. Individual images in the slideshow are available in my PhotoShelter Gallery.

Daily Electric Energy Used (54.0 kWh) from Sense. Daily Solar Electric Energy Produced (35.1 kWh) from Sense and SolSystems. Clouds and rain. Geothermal HVAC system turned on to heat the house. A deficit of 18.9 kWh.