Friday (04-January-2019) — Virginia to New Jersey

Gone to See Florida Road Trip. Day 13: Staunton, Virginia to Skillman, New Jersey.

The drive took a bit longer than expected. Soon after crossing into Pennsylvania traffic came to a stop for over two hours. After getting home I went online and found out that a cattle truck went off the road. Thirteen dead cows and nineteen survived. Data from Landrover InControl: Drive time: 7:51; Distance: 352 miles; Avg Speed: 44.8 mph; Fuel used: 11.0 gal; Avg Fuel Consumption: 32.1 mpg.

Time-lapse video recorded with a Garmin VIRB-360 camera (image every 2 sec). I mounted the camera on the dashboard with power via a USB power outlet. Images processed and video created with Photoshop CC and Premiere Pro CC.