Thursday (03-January-2019) — Georgia to Virginia

Gone to See Florida Road Trip. Day 12: Savannah, Georgia to Staunton, Virginia.

I left the hotel a little before sunrise. It was cold out, but above freezing. The drive was uneventful, most of the time with the cruse control on. The new version of cruse control not only maintains the speed, but also maintains a safe distance from vehicles in front. Data from Landrover InControl: Drive time: 7:44 hours:minutes; Distance: 508 miles; Avg Speed: 65.7 mph; Fuel used: 16.3 gal; Avg Fuel Consumption: 31.1 mpg.

Time-lapse video recorded with a Garmin VIRB-360 camera (image every 2 sec). I mounted the camera on the dashboard with power via a USB power outlet. Images processed and video created with Photoshop CC and Premiere Pro CC. The first video is a Little Planet view, the second video is a 360 degree panorama. In order to upload, the video was saved at 480p (720 x 480) at 24 fps.