Thursday (08-November-2018) — New Jersey

Home Cooking: Apple – Pomegranate Crisp.

A friend told me she just made Apple Crisp, and ate the batch in one sitting. It made me hungry. I checked the kitchen, and found the ingredients. The recipe is modified from many sources: First I peeled, cored, dewormed, and sliced eight slightly bruised apples. I added the juice of one lime to prevent the apples from browning, then the seeds from one pomegranate. The apple slices and pomegranate seeds were layered into a buttered glass casserole dish (8 x 13 inch). While preparing the topping, the oven was preheated to 375° F (190° C). I prepared the topping from sprouted wheat flour (3/4 cup), rolled oats (3/4 cup), maple syrup (1/2 cup), walnut oil (1/4 cup), cinnamon powder (1 tbs), clove powder (1 tsp), ginger powder (1 tsp), and nutmeg powder (1 tsp). The topping ingredients were mixed by hand and then layered over the apple slices and pomegranate seeds. The batch was baked in the preheated 375° F oven for 45 minutes (until the topping was brown and crispy). I had a hard time waiting for it to cool down to eat.

Time-Lapse Video (Little Planet View): Preparation of Apple-Pomegranate Crisp.  Images recorded with a Garmin VIRB-360 camera.

Thanks to Chloé for the suggestion to use Maple Syrup and Walnut Oil.