Monday (22-October-2018) — Portugal to New Jersey

Gone to See Portugal. Day 8: Crossing the Atlantic Ocean on TAP (Air Portugal) Lisbon to Newark.

I checked out of the Bessa Hotel and took a taxi to the airport. Check-in, Security, Customs & Immigration were quick. I didn’t need to remove my shoes, computers, or cameras — but did need to remove my belt with the heavy copper Philmont buckle. I spent some time at the lounge, but was warned when checking in to get to the gate early. At the gate we needed to go through a 2nd security check for carry-on luggage (only if your name was on a list for extra screening) which resulted in some confusion and long lines. They also checked the size and weight of carry-on luggage. If it was too large, it was gate checked. I was waved through. One group of tourists in front of me had small carry-0n luggage when they checked in but then loaded up with tax-free goods (many bottles of Portuguese Port and cigars) that put them way over the limits. They were not Americans, there is another country that has taken over the ugly & rude tourist award. For the international flights, we needed to take a bus out to the jet which also took more time. I ended up with a great seat with a window and extra space for my computer. The meals on TAP are excellent. I will definitely fly TAP again.

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