Friday (01-June-2018) — New Jersey

Backyard Springtime Nature in New Jersey.

While mowing the backyard, I found an Eastern Box Turtle at the edge of the grass and beginning of the wildflower meadow. The last time that I saw one in my yard was nearly 20 years ago. The back section is wet, and I recently found some May Apple plants — so had hoped to find that the turtles still existed on my property. There were frogs and dragonflies at the pond. The frogs jump into the pond before I can take their picture. Back on the patio, the plants in the Garden Towers are growing very fast. I have already started harvesting some of the lettuce. Individual images in the slide show can be viewed here.

Author: David Mathre

I am a scientist by training (Eckerd College, BSc; Caltech, Ph.D.). I worked for 27 years as a Chemist in the Pharmaceutical Industry developing processes to manufacture medicines for human and animal health. I now spend my time as a photographer and world traveler. My interests include the natural world, wildlife, landscapes, sky, and seascapes, travel, and astrophotography. I look for unique ways of viewing the world and presenting my images. I have traveled to over 55 countries in six continents, often on Semester at Sea voyages. While at home in New Jersey, I spend time on home renovation and expansion of a wildflower garden/meadow.

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