Wednesday (23-November-2011) — New Jersey

New Mirrorless Camera: Nikon 1 V1

It is 4 years ago today that I got my Nikon D300 while returning from a photography workshop with Thom Hogan in Hawaii (23-November-2007). Coincidentally, I received the new Nikon 1 V1 today from B&H. I was surprised that it was heavier than my Leica X1, but a lot lighter and smaller than a Nikon D700 or D3. Lots to learn. I like the Leica X1 because it has dials on the top for both aperture and shutter speed (designed for a photographer). These are missing on the Nikon V1 (have to use buttons/dials on the back). I got all four available Nikon 1 lenses 10 mm (27 mm equiv), 10-30 mm (27-81 mm equiv), 30-110 mm (81-297 mm equiv), and 10-100 mm (27-270 mm equiv). The 10-100 mm (VR) lens is larger and heavier than the camera for this evaluation. The Nikon V1 does have an electronic view finder (100%). Missing is the adapter for Nikon F-mount lenses (which I really want so I can have a mirrorless camera on my Questar telescopes). Reading the manual there seems to be some interesting video options. Lots to learn over the next 4 days.