Tuesday (01-November-2011) — New Jersey

Late October Nor’easter Aftermath: Day 3

Other than a few power dips (brown outs), the power remained on for the last day. My APC UPS units continue to protect the computers and servers. The following is an update from PSE&G.

  • 88% of the more than 570,000 PSE&G customers impacted by power outages from
    Saturday’s wet, heavy snow that brought down numerous trees and power lines.
    Crews will continue to work around the clock until all customers have power.
  • PSE&G expects to meet the state’s goal of having at least 95 percent
    of customers restored by Thursday. At this time, about 67,000 customers are
    without power with the majority of these in Bergen, Essex and Passaic
  • This storm caused more individual incidents of damage to
    PSE&G’s electric infrastructure than did Hurricane Irene. There is a larger
    number of service lines that are damaged as a result of falling tree limbs.
    Repairing the significant number of single lines from the poles to customers’
    homes and businesses presents the greatest challenge with this
  • PSE&G is using every available resource to make repairs and
    restore electricity as quickly and safely as possible.  Resources include 262
    crews and troubleshooters, 116 line contractor crews and 240 tree crews working
    to restore power.  In addition to its own crews, PSE&G is receiving
    assistance from mutual aid crews from Alabama, Florida, Georgia and
  • Electric crews work to restore power to the largest numbers
    of customers first, taking into account “priority” customers, such as hospitals,
    police stations, fire stations, water and sewer facilities, schools, and
    communications facilities (TV, radio, and telephone).  At the same time, the
    utility restores power to homes and businesses, starting with the circuits
    serving the largest number of customers.