Day 8 and Counting

My Drobo disk-array is rebuilding after adding a new drive. Don’t know how long it will take. New images to follow. The down side to large storage solutions such as Drobo is the time required for backup and restore. Not sure how many days this will take!!!!  Got a message that one of the drives needed to be replaced with a larger drive. I removed the indicated drive and inserted a new 3 TB drive. Hope this doesn’t meen that the rebuild process is starting over. On the positive side, I can to read data from the Drobo array — so I continue to update my backup drives. I’m almost wondering if I should have just reset the Drobo, and restored from my backup.

Last night Auroras spilled south of Canada into the contigous United States. Check out SpaceWeather.com. There have been some great pictures, especially of some rare Red Auroras. Unfortunately, it was overcast and raining here last night. By morning the sky was clear. I’ll set up a camera tonight, but with a lower probability. As this sunspot cycle goes to maximum, I do hope to see and photograph the Northern Lights. The last time I saw Red Auroras was while in graduate school in Pasadena California the winter of 1980-81.

You can also check out an image of an old (1928 Mercury Dime) I took one years ago today: 25-October-2010