Friday (11-March-2022) — New Jersey

Wintertime Nature in New Jersey.

Birds of the day viewed in the backyard, at the birdfeeder and on the patio: Dark-eyed Junco.

Dark-eyed Junco. (David J Mathre)
Dark-eyed Junco. Image taken with a Nikon D850 camera and 600 mm f/4 VR lens. (David J Mathre)

Indoor hydroponic California Poppy flower opening. Time-lapse Video. Images taken every one minute using a Leica SL2s camera and Laowa 24 mm f/14 macro probe lens.

Time-lapse video of yardwork on Red Rover. I needed to prepare for a storm predicted for tomorrow. Rain, snow, heavy wind, and temperatures dropping well below zero. The bulbs in Soft Pots that started to sprout needed to be brought back into the garage. Also, the Garden Shed that I had been storing the tractor implements blew over during the last windstorm. I was able to set it back up, but two of the ground anchors failed. For this upcoming storm, I decided to anchor the shed from within using a pallet of fertilizer.

Daily Electric Energy Used (81.8 kWh) from Sense. Daily Solar Electric Energy Produced (58.5 kWh) from Sense. Sunny. Deficit of 23.8 kWh. I should note that the Solar monitoring from SolSystem via Locus Energy stopped working since the Locus LG-120 meter uses 3G cellular to connect. ATT has turned off 3G cellular.

I’ve re-added the feed from my Ambient Weather Station.

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