Seven-Years Ago (04-January-2011) — Argentina

Gone to See Patagonia 2010/2011. Photography Workshop with Thom Hogan. Day 9: Hosteria Los Notros.

As we were waiting for our rooms at Hosteria Los Notros I saw this painting. I didn’t know what is was, but the names of Charles Darwin and Jemmy Button were written on the side [Despedida de Charles Darwin y Jemmy Button 1834]. With the internet you find things about almost anything. So many things that I didn’t know about the history of Patagonia are intertwined in the painting [link]. Apparently, Captain FitzRoy during the first voyage of the HMS Beagle purchased or took Jemmy Button (a native from the islands around Tierra del Fuego) hostage, and brought him back to England. On the second voyage of the HMS Beagle, Captain FitzRoy and the young Charles Darwin returned Jemmy Button back to Patagonia. I heard that the Hosteria Los Notros is no longer open, and don’t know where the painting is now.

Painting at Hosteria Los Notros "Despedida de Charles Darwin y Jemmy Button 1834". Hosteria Los Notros (David J Mathre)
Painting at Hosteria Los Notros “Despedida de Charles Darwin y Jemmy Button 1834”. Hosteria Los Notros (David J Mathre)


Author: David Mathre

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