Wednesday (19-June-2013) — New Jersey

Semester at Sea Spring 2013 Enrichment Voyage.

I am back home after an extended voyage on the Semester at Sea MV Explorer. Over 52 days the Spring 2013 Enrichment Voyage visited 19 countries (Spain, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Norway, Latvia, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany). The Garmin GPS that I carried recorded 24539 miles (10068 miles by air, 9216 miles at sea, 2457 miles by car, 1800 miles by bus, 819 miles by train, 46 miles by ferry, and 133 miles by foot). Using five cameras (including my smart phone) I took over 60K images taking up almost all of a 1.5 TB external hard drive. Internet access on the ship was slow so I didn’t make many posts. I plan to go back and post images from the trip over the next few days and weeks.

Spring 2013 Enrichment Voyage