Rock Slide at Curry Village.

Nikonians ANPAT 8 Day 3. After our morning session, we had lunch at Curry Village. Michael Mariant was going to do an IR photography workshop in the afternoon. On the way to the workshop, we stopped by our cabins. As we were leaving the cabins there was this loud noise. At first is sounded like thunder — but the sky was blue with no clouds. The noise got louder, and Michael yelled “run for your lives — rock slide” We all ran from our cabins to the parking lot. Since I drove, I was one of the few folks that had cameras and lenses available. Most of the folks left their gear in the cabin for the IR workshop. The following set of images was taken following the rock slide. Luckily, no one was injured since most everyone was out of Curry Village visiting other parts of Yosemite during the day when the rock slide occurred. Later in the afternoon, a Park Service helicopter with a USGS geologist surveyed the rock slide site and declared things safe. We were allowed back to our cabins. There was a school group at Curry village. The Elementary school children were moved to a different site. The Middle and High school students stayed. That evening the crisis counselors told the students that a large rock falls in Yosemite Valley on average every 9-10 days, and therefore they would be safe for the rest of the trip. Little did they know that Murphy was listening!!!!