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Welcome to my Images of the Day Photo blog. My goal is to post images from each day of the year going back to 2006 when I got my first DSLR camera. Images I post on Google+ are also forwarded to this Photo blog. I am a retired chemist that worked nearly thirty years in the Pharmaceutical industry. I took my first DSLR camera on a road trip across the United States, and became hooked, with my new passion becoming a photographer. I now spend all my time traveling and taking pictures. Since then I have visited over 50 countries, many on Semester at Sea voyages. My photographic interests include travel, the natural world, landscapes, and photographic techniques. I always want to learn something new and the only way to become better is to learn from mistakes.


Food Friday

Summer Lunch in Stockholm. Semester at Sea, Summer 2014 Voyage. 

#foodfriday  +FoodFriday curated by +D. DeMonteverde +Natty Netsuwan 
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5 Responses to “Food Friday”

  1. Maha Abbass Maha Abbass says:

    Delicious you made it?

  2. David Mathre David Mathre says:

    +Maha Abbass No, this was at an outdoor restaurant in Stockholm

  3. Maha Abbass Maha Abbass says:

    Ah then I should go to Sweden to order this plate:))

  4. I shall head over there, too! Happy Friday!

  5. Mary Sperley Mary Sperley says:

    This will be my evening meal. On my way to Morey's for shrimp Aunt Mary

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