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Hosteria El Pilar, Fitzroy Massif at Sunrise, and a Hike to Lago de Los Tres . Day 8 of a Photography Workshop with Thom Hogan in Patagonia.

There were definitely more clouds this morning, and I am glad that I did the night sky images the previous day. The goal for the day was a hike to Lago de Los Tres. This is a glacial lake at the base of Fitzroy. Both Thom and Tony were under the weather, so did not attempt this hike. The hike starts right in front of the hosteria, and goes through some really nice wooded areas. Since it was overcast, this made for some great photo attractions but had to keep the time we stopped short to make the entire hike. There were several views of glaciers along the trail, and we heard the boom from several ice falls. As we got to the Poincenot campground we could see that the remaining part of the trail was a series of very steep switchbacks. I decided to stay around the campsite, have lunch and wait for the rest of the group to come back. Rob figured that they would be back in 2.5-3 hours. After 2 hours I could see the group through a telephoto lens still going up the hill, which was now in full sunlight. It took the group an extra 1.5 hours to do the round trip to Lago des Los Tres. As soon as the group got back to the campground, it clouded over again with wind and some light rain. The goup hightailed it back to the hosteria. Soon after we got back, the sun peaked though to give us a bit of a rainbow. I went to the back deck to try to photograph the rainbow. As soon as I did a couple of horses came into the back courtyard. I do hope that at least one of these images turn out.

Rainbow and Horses at Hosteria El Pilar (David J Mathre)



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