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Welcome to my Images of the Day Photo blog. My goal is to post images from each day of the year going back to 2006 when I got my first DSLR camera. Images I post on Google+ are also forwarded to this Photo blog. I am a retired chemist that worked nearly thirty years in the Pharmaceutical industry. I took my first DSLR camera on a road trip across the United States, and became hooked, with my new passion becoming a photographer. I now spend all my time traveling and taking pictures. Since then I have visited over 50 countries, many on Semester at Sea voyages. My photographic interests include travel, the natural world, landscapes, and photographic techniques. I always want to learn something new and the only way to become better is to learn from mistakes.



Red Headed Woodpecker.

As I was driving through Yosemite Valley on the way to Curry Village to join the Nikonians group for ANPAT-8 I noticed this Red Headed Woodpecker (Northern Pileated Woodpecker). I stopped and realized that it was loading acorns in a dead tree for winter.

Image taken with a Nikon D300 and 80-400 mm VR lens (ISO 200, 400 mm, f/8, 1/640 sec).

4 Responses to “04-October-2008”

  1. Hans Mathre says:

    What is with the background? Was it removed, blown out, or sharpened? The branches at the top right of the image are distracting from the wonderful texture of the wood and nuts.

    Also is photo info stripped at some point in this process? If not should we look into having that extracted and posted along with the entry as Meta information?


  2. David says:

    The image was significantly cropped from the original, in which the tree and bird were very dark with the sky blown out. In order to see the tree with the cached nuts and bird did some single image HDR using Capture One, then in Photoshop used Focus Magic and Topaz Define to bring out the detail. In the process the chromatic aberration from the lens was enhanced, especially in the branches at the top. I have now removed the branches using Photoshop Content aware.

    When I checked the image in the PhotoShelter archive, most of the original IPTC and EXIF metadata is still with the image. What info is missing, and I will watch with each processing step in the future to see where it may be stripped out.

  3. Hans Mathre says:

    That looks better without the branches.

    As for the data, all that I saw from the download, and anything that the web server would see is the IPTC contact info and copyright info. Also it seem has striped the date info, only the file name contains that info.


  4. Hans Mathre says:

    Just checked your photo and my Lilly photo and they both had exif info about the camera, shot, and date/time in PhotoShelter. So that would mean that photoshelter is stipping it when it displays the photo on a remote site. I’ll see if we can get the meta info when we pull the image across.


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