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Welcome to my Images of the Day Photo blog. My goal is to post images from each day of the year going back to 2006 when I got my first DSLR camera. My photographic interest include Travel, the Natural World, Landscapes, and Photographic Techniques. I try to include information for each image as to where, when, why and how the image was processed. Most of the images are available for purchase -- either as prints or rights managed (Clicking on an image brings you to the ShepArt Studio Team Site). Comments about the images or this site are always welcome. DJM



Two Years Ago Today — Colorado

Photo Safari with +Jason Odell One day late for +Powerline Friday  #Powerlinefriday   Need to view the landscape images in full frame. 

In album 2015-10-03

Three Years Ago Today — New Jersey

Macro image of a Hawaii Volcanos Quarter. 

Two Years Ago Today — Colorado

Photo Safari with +Jason Odell viewing autumn colors in Colorado. 

In album 2015-10-02

Three Years Ago Today — New Jersey

My troll and I finally made it back home from the Semester at Sea Fall 2012 voyage. It took 36+ hours from Cadiz, Spain. I still can't believe that Homeland Security wanted to see all of the images on my nine 1 TB USB drives in the camera bag while in Frankfurt, Germany. I guess they got bored and gave up only seeing two months of images from the trip…

Two Years Ago Today — Colorado

This was supposed to be a Photo Safari with +Jason Odell in Rocky Mountain National Park. The location got changed to Buena Vista Colorado because of the heavy flooding a few days earlier in Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park. It was still a productive trip. Need to look at the reflection image in fullscreen mode. Timing was great for the Aspen tree colors.. 

In album 2015-10-02

Three Years Ago Today — Spain. 

Madrid at 04:00 AM from 35K feet on a commercial jet. I originally was supposed to end my Fall 2012 Semester at Sea voyage in Casablanca. Because of unrest in the middle east, the ship decided not to stop in Morocco with 600 students. I ended up having to fly from Cadiz to Madrid, then to Casablanca (spend the night in the airport) and then catch my flight back to the US. I had to change planes again in Frankfurt. In Frankfurt I got questioned for a long time by US Homeland Security folks before I could get on the plane to the US. They wanted to know why I spent 12 hours in Casablanca, and wanted to review all of the images on my USB drives. It was a very long trip. 

Four Years Ago Today — New Jersey

A walk in the woods. Sourland Mountain Preserve. Photowalk 2011. Autumn in New Jersey.  

In album 2015-10-01

Five Years Ago Today — New Jersey

Some of my trolls. Playing around with Helicon Focus. 

Two Years Ago Today — Wyoming and Colorado

Road Trip Time-Lapsed Video. Gillette, Wyoming  to Buena Vista, Colorado.

Three Years Ago Today — Spain

Street Art During a Walkabout in Cadiz Spain. End of my  Semester at Sea Fall 2012 voyage. Beam me up Scotty.