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Welcome to my Images of the Day Photo blog. My goal is to post images from each day of the year going back to 2006 when I got my first DSLR camera. Images I post on Google+ are also forwarded to this Photo blog. I am a retired chemist that worked nearly thirty years in the Pharmaceutical industry. I took my first DSLR camera on a road trip across the United States, and became hooked, with my new passion becoming a photographer. I now spend all my time traveling and taking pictures. Since then I have visited over 50 countries, many on Semester at Sea voyages. My photographic interests include travel, the natural world, landscapes, and photographic techniques. I always want to learn something new and the only way to become better is to learn from mistakes.


One-Year Ago Today — California

Sea Gull and the Semester at Sea MV World Odyssey docked in the San Diego harbor. Image taken with a Nikon 1 V3 camera and 10-30 mm VR lens (ISO 200, 24 mm, f/10, 1/125 sec). Image processed with Capture One Pro, Focus Magic, and Photoshop CC.

This was my first view of the the new ship that Semester at Sea is using for its voyages. Beginning January 5th, 2016 this was my home along with many students, faculty, staff, families, and other Life Long Learners for the next 110 days for the Spring 2016 Semester Voyage. The ship traveled around the world with stops in Ensenada, Mexico; Hilo, Hawaii USA; Yokohama, Japan; Kobe, Japan; Shanghai, China; Hong Kong, China; Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam; Rangoon, Burma; Cochin, India; Port Louis, Mauritius; Cape Town, South Africa; Takoradi, Ghana; Tema, Accra, Ghana; Casablanca, Morocco; Southampton, England. Somehow during the voyage and field trips, I managed to take over 300K images — many in countries I never visited before. Stay tuned as I post images from each day of the voyage.

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  1. What a great looking bird!! Wonderful shot +David Mathre !! Thanks for sharing with +Water Bird Wednesday !! +Margaret Tompkins 

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