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Welcome to my Images of the Day Photo blog. My goal is to post images from each day of the year going back to 2006 when I got my first DSLR camera. Images I post on Google+ are also forwarded to this Photo blog. I am a retired chemist that worked nearly thirty years in the Pharmaceutical industry. I took my first DSLR camera on a road trip across the United States, and became hooked, with my new passion becoming a photographer. I now spend all my time traveling and taking pictures. Since then I have visited over 50 countries, many on Semester at Sea voyages. My photographic interests include travel, the natural world, landscapes, and photographic techniques. I always want to learn something new and the only way to become better is to learn from mistakes.


Today — New Jersey

Bright red autumn colors with some bokeh at sunrise. Japanese Maple leaves before they drop. Tree was almost killed by wild grape and poison ivy vines a few years ago, but since they were removed the tree has recovered. Image taken with a Nikon DF camera and 300 mm f/4 lens (ISO 100, 300 mm, f/4, 1/400 sec).

This was one of the first shots with my repaired Nikon DF camera. The shutter buckled when I was in Antarctica with less than 100K images. Unfortunately, the camera was out of warranty so I didn't send it in for repair for a long time.

My other rant for the day is the update to Photoshop CC 2017 doesn't work on my computer running Windows 8.1, it does work on a different computer running Windows 10. I spent several hours trying to get this resolved via a chat session with Adobe. I ended up going back to the CC 2015.5 version.

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17 Responses to “Today — New Jersey”

  1. Aww I love Japanese Maples, this is gorgeous!

    Sorry about your issues with PS. I had the exact opposite problem an update or so back – it ran fine on Win 7 but not after I upgraded to Win 10, so I also went back an update. Maybe it's safe for me to update again 🙂

  2. +David Mathre Fall has finally arrived, I see, almost a month late??
    Guess it's good I have a Mac!?

  3. Wonderful pops of red, beautiful Japanese Maple.

  4. David Mathre David Mathre says:

    +John Hockridge Now I have to deal with the leaves as they fall. Some years I just let the wind blow them into the neighbor's yard, but the bright red ones were easy to identify as to where they came from…

  5. John Getchel John Getchel says:

    Beautiful! Yeah I've definitely noticed New Jersey is very colorful now! And yeah I don't think Adobe plays well with PCs in general. In my experience anyways…

  6. Hi.are you better now ??

  7. Winnie Young Winnie Young says:

    Beautiful colors, love the smidgen amount of green you have there…the image makes me think of ruby and jade, always a great pair!

    As for the Photoshop….funny thing is I am still using the oldie (PS Elements 11 Home Edition) and runs on my Windows 10 perfectly nice &smooth! I had tried to upgrade to something current, chatted with PS sales rep, and found out I have to pay $99 a month (or a year??? )to keep that program up, I would not mind to pay as one payment of few hundreds but yearly fee for as long as I have it!!!! No way! My Elements costed me only $97 back then at Best Buy! Yes, it lacks of some filters….but all my photos seem do okay with just the basic Elements 😉 I am still happy with it! Also there are so many free apps out there too!

  8. David Mathre David Mathre says:

    +Winnie Young Thanks.

    I think the CC Photoshop & Lightroom is $9.99 a month, and some vendors are offering the 1st year for $7.99/month. Lots of folks cringed at the subscription mode but at the moment it is costing me less than the upgrade every 18 or so months. I just want it to work on both my computers and the online chat help did not fix the problem. So I am down to my 2nd (backup) computer to do any final image editing.

  9. Leo Deegan Leo Deegan says:

    I enjoy the vibrancy of the red

  10. John Balboni John Balboni says:

    Very nice +David Mathre! Good to see some vivid red – a color that seems to be sparse in our New England foliage this year.

  11. David Mathre David Mathre says:

    +John Balboni Yes, I was worried because the colors had not been as intense this fall. This tree wants to be a show-off in the neighborhood… I am glad that I saved it before the vines took over a couple of years ago.

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